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We believe that injury victims and their families should consider these 3 principals when determining their need for legal representation in any matter:  First, do you have the education, training and knowledge to handle the matter?  Insurance claims often involved a myriad of complex legal issues.  Are you aware of the latest legal decisions regarding comparative fault, the collateral source rule, diminution in value, tort reform legislation, subrogation, setoffs, write-offs, made whole doctrine, joint and several liability, primary coverage, excess coverage, pro rata coverage, damage award caps…?  If you do not understand any of these terms then we invite you to schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys discuss your claim.

 Secondly, do you have the experience to handle your claim?  Insurance adjusters are professionals in the art of liability investigation, injury evaluation and negotiation.  They may well handle hundreds of claims a years.  This experience certainly gives them an advantage.  On the other hand, this maybe your first accident claim or you had a prior one so long ago that you are really unsure on how to precede.  If you do not have the experience associated with handling insurance claims on a daily basis, then we invite you to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys who does have that experience level.

Thirdly, do you have the time and resources to handle your claim?   After an injury event, we believe your first priority should be to seek appropriate medical treatment to promote a recovery from your injury condition(s).  However, after a loss, you are often inundated with insurance forms and inquiries, medical forms and injuries, requests for a recorded statement, proof of loss requests, subrogation acknowledgements, property damage issues and so forth. The D’Amico Law Office we will represent you on all aspects of your claim so that you can concentrate on your health.  If you need our help and resources, then you are invited to schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys discuss your claim.
We have the knowledge and experience to get you guide you through all aspects of Family Law matters, including divorce, dissolution, custody, visitation rights, parentage, child support, and spousal support.  We will strive to reach an amicable resolution of your case if possible.  Otherwise, we are readily willing and able to litigate your issue to reach a just result. 

 On appropriate cases, we can offer to represent you on a “flat fee” basis on appropriate cases.  A “flat fee” is an agreement whereby the cost of our attorney fees are agreed upon and fixed in beginning of your case.  This gives our clients the comfort of knowing what the legal fees will be from the onset.  It also permits you to feel free to contact us as needed during the course of your case without the fear of increasing your associated legal fees such as with a traditional hourly billing agreement.

 Lastly, the attorneys at the D’Amico Law Office often work as a team in the handling of your legal matter.  Having more than one attorney assigned to handle you case gives you added accessibility to legal representation and the ability to respond quickly to the needs at hand.
We all know that motorists in the State of Ohio are required to have valid insurance or bond coverage in order to operate a motor vehicle in this State.  In fact, Ohio’s minimum financial responsibility law requires that the liability insurance coverage be at least $12,500.00 per person / $25,000.00 per accident to cover accident related bodily injuries and $7,500.00 to cover the accident related property damage from any one defined loss.  However, when an injury victim presents his / her claim for compensation to a jury, it is improper to reference the insurance status of the at-fault party (tortfeasor) or what liability insurance coverage applies to this loss.   

Additionally, jurors are not told that the injury victim has to pay back any award of medical bills due to the common subrogation provisions in private and public health insurance policies as well medical payments coverage found in automobile insurance policies.  Therefore, the amount that an injury victim received by way of a jury award is often substantially less due to these subrogation duties to pay back the insurance companies.

It seems that juror must ignore any common knowledge that insurance pervades our daily activities.